Lighting production

Do you want to jazz up your event and give it a unique style with our uplighting?

Need a warm glow on stage for your next speaking engagement or at your upcoming awards banquet?

Do you need a front and rear truss system to wash a stage and give your crowd a dazzling moving head light show?

Do you want a custom lighting design that highlights and accents your event, giving it a unique mood and feel that will wow your guests?

Our lighting designers are top notch, bringing creativity and experience to your event. Each job is different, and we take the time to make it right for you, your event, and your audience. Our lighting designs speak for themselves!

Sound engineering

Do you need a small PA with two speakers, a wireless microphone, and a mixer?

Do you need multiple lapels, a podium microphone, and even sound coverage where each seat in your house hears exactly the same?

Or do you need a line array, subs, digital Front of House and Monitor Consoles, wedges, wireless mics and wireless IEM’s?

When it comes to audio, we do it all. Small meetings, corporate conferences, outdoor events, private fundraisers, even large arena shows with multiple bands. Give us a call, tell us what you need, and our team will have your back through the entire event.

Our engineers are professional, courteous, talented, and each has an excellent ear. We will make your event sound the best it ever has.

Video Operations

Does your event need a screen so you can play a video, and present a powerpoint?

Do you need multiple screens, projectors, flat screen monitors and seamless switching for multiple laptops powerpoints and videos?

Or do you need to professional grade IMAG, multiple cameras, live switching, and a DVD at the end of an event?

Whatever you need onscreen, and wherever your event needs video distributed, we will make it happen. Our engineers are highly skilled, and our camera operators are some of the best. No matter how complicated your video needs are, we will make them possible, and your event will be flawless.


Custom Metal Manufacturing

In our custom metal shop we’re constantly creating and manufacturing practical and useful products for the event entertainment industry.

We’ve made chandeliers, gazebos, floral pillars, tent clamps, lighting racks, truss base carts, truss stackers, catering carts, and the list goes on.

If you need it fabricated and manufactured, we can do it.